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You might be thinking to yourself “I never thought I would be calling a bail bondsman!” Well it is nothing to be ashamed of. If you need a bail bond in Covington, Tennessee, you have found the right company to help you. We will take the time to explain how bail bonds work AND what your options are.

No Cost Consultation

We offer a no cost consultation which includes locating your loved one through a comprehensive inmate search, establishing what their bail amount is, and explaining how the bail process works and how we can help you.

Pretrial Release Services

Immediately after an arrest, a defendants first priority is to get out of custody and regain their freedom. Posting bail can be the fastest way to free yourself from custody.

Special Rates and Discounts

There are lower rates available that you may be eligible for. We offer discounts to the following individuals: Military members, Union members, Homeowners, Clients who retain a private attorney or legal counsel

Call us any time. Our licensed bail agents are available 24/7

Fast. Affordable.Confidential. Confidential.Confidential.

At Action Bail Bonding, our job is to make the bail process simple, easy to understand, and affordable for our customers. We offer bail bonds services throughout Tennessee and offer unparalleled customer service and competitive rates, guaranteed! At Action Bail Bonding, our bail agents are a part of our family. This helps keep them grounded and it reminds them to take care of their clients during this stressful time. Due to this family connection, we treat bailing our clients the same way we would if we were to bail out our own friend or family member. If you want bail help from a dedicated and caring bail agent, just contact Action Bail Bonding.

Family-Owned Bail Bond Company

Family-owned bail bond companies are some of the best when it comes to customer service. This is due to the fact they have not forgotten how important their clients are. Any good, family-owned bail bond companies knows to give their clients the best help available.

Inmate Search & Bail Information

Our comprehensive inmate search will locate your loved one in Covington or across Tennessee. We'll provide their bail information at no cost to you. Give us a call and we will help get your loved one out of custody as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Court Hearing Appearances

Court appearances could be made to put our customer at ease and be there for support. In some cases, the attorney may request that we be present in the event bail needs to be posted in court, for a number of different reasons. You can always count on Action Bail Bonding to be there from the beginning to the very end of the process.

A Real 24/7 Bail Bond Company

Action Bail Bonding is a 24/7 bail bond company and that is a 100% fact. A person can be arrested at any given moment, at any hour of the day. Do the police ever shut down for a night? No. They work in shifts, right? If there is someone needed to be arrested at 3 am, they will arrest them.

Likewise, if there is someone who needs our bail bond assistance at 3 am, Action Bail Bonding will be there to answer. Action Bail Bonding believes in the right to bail and we are available to help protect that right. We will not make a family wait until the next business day to return their phone call.

Call Action Bail Bonding anytime you need a bail bond. Do not worry if it is 3 am or 12 midnight. We have bail agents available at all hours of the day, ready to help you. We can be reached online or by phone at 901-476-2245. Consultation is FREE, so you have nothing to lose if you call just to inquire. Feel FREE to ask any questions you may have. Inquire about zero down bail bonds and bail bond discount we offer to see if you qualify. We are always available and ready to assist you. We will not let you down.

For reliable 24/7 bail bond service, call Action Bail Bonding at 901-476-2245 or Chat With Us now.

What To Know About Bail Bonds & How It Can Help You

If a person who is arrested and granted bail, but cannot afford it, they should not give up hope. 100% cash bail is not the only option to posting bail. Bail bonds are the alternate solution that most people opt for.

Rather than paying 100% of the bail, the defendant and any loved ones willing to help, will pay 10% of the bail to a reliable and credible bail bond company like Action Bail Bonding. The defendant gets a custom, flexible payment plan so this 10% is broken up into smaller increments. Not all of the payment is due before the defendant can be released; the payment plan will continue after the defendant is released from jail.

The bail bond may also require a co-signer or collateral, but the Action Bail Bonding bail agent will go over the specifics with each family, as it is a case-by-case basis on what exactly is needed.

As long as the defendant continues to make their bail bond payments on time, shows up for their court dates, stays out of any other legal trouble, and abides by any other release terms and conditions, then the entire bail bond process will be successful. At the end, the 10% premium will not be refunded, but the collateral will be returned and the co-signer will be released from his or her duties.

You can learn more about bail bonds and how Action Bail Bonding can help you in your time of need by talking to one of our knowledgeable bail agents. We offer FREE consultations, so do not hesitate to reach out to us online or at 901-476-2245. Our bail agents will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Learn about cheap bail bonds and bail bond discounts we offer as well. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays), so call us anytime!

For a FREE bail bond consultation, call Action Bail Bonding at 901-476-2245 or Chat With Us now.

Action Bail Bonding Bondsmen Are The Best You’ll Get Anywhere

Being a bail bondsman in the bail bond industry where the life and freedom of somebody (who is more than likely a complete stranger putting complete faith and dependence on you) is a serious undertaking. A high school diploma isn’t good enough; neither is 4 years of undergrad let alone a masters or doctorate in science or physical therapy or psychology. It requires a standalone license. And this isn’t a lifetime license either – just like you need to renew a driver’s license every few years, a bail bond license needs to be renewed frequently as well.

Bail agents at Action Bail Bonding, one of Tennessee’s premier bail bond company, requires all their agents and representatives to meet industry and company standards and regulations 100%. Bail agents are trained (or retrained) every other year at a minimum. This includes brushing up on “textbook knowledge” like how to interact and speak with clients or not grow too emotionally invested. They review procedures for bail bonds, including new or adapted ones. They anticipate situations so they are properly prepared.

You won’t find bail bondsmen and women in Tennessee any better than the ones from Action Bail Bonding. No, they’re not robots there, as much as it might sound like. But every employee of Action Bail Bonding works there because it is a wonderful and helpful atmosphere that the family company has fostered. The company is built around family values, which drives each employee to perform their best and help each client dutifully, as if they were one of the family members themselves.

Speak with a bail agent from Action Bail Bonding today and receive a FREE consultation by calling 901-476-2245 or Chat With us now.

Affordable Bail Bond Services in Gibson County and Tipton County, Tennessee

Call or email one of our experienced Action Bail Bonding Agents now! We will explain how the bail process works, and how we can help get your loved one out ASAP.


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